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Helping you care for others

There are times when parents can’t be with their children. Often, this is due to work responsibilities, or simply having to go to an important appointment. That is why it is important for them to find someone who can look out for their young ones in the meantime—someone who can be trusted, responsible, and qualified.

Working with children can teach you various aspects of childhood development and what to expect from children of different ages. As you gain experience, you can learn to modify your babysitting techniques to match the needs of the children you are caring for.

Since babysitting is an important responsibility, Seven Oaks Academy offers babysitter training for those interested to take up the task. This program is also for those who want to learn in the comfort of their own home. Our classes are simple, time-flexible, and easy to use for their convenience.

What You Will Learn

When it comes to babysitting, every situation you will face is unique. However, there are universal skills that you should have. Through our virtual program, we cover important topics such as:

  • Basic care for children
  • First aid
  • Child-friendly activities
  • Child safety
  • Child Behavior
  • Emergency protocols
  • Professionalism

Upon completion, you can become more aware of children’s emotional states, child motivation strategies, conflict resolution, and more. In addition, you can also learn how to build trust, fostering friendships, and lead by example.

Babysitting is a rewarding experience that can provide you with learnings essential in daily life. Be a trustworthy babysitter by partnering with us. Rest assured, we can help you acquire the necessary skills that are not only convenient but crucial to you and the families you are helping.

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