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Promoting interest in science, technology, and mathematics

Saturday Science Academy (SSA) allows children to learn more about scientific, mathematical, and health concepts that may spark their interest in pursuing the goal of having a profession in science and health services. With this program, they will be offered lessons that introduce them to the following learning topics:

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Math
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Physical Science
  • Global Health
  • Plant Life and Marine Biology
  • And More

If your child is already curious and interested in these areas, they can enjoy these Saturday Science Academy virtual classes. These classes introduce them to broad and in-depth information that increases their knowledge in these areas. At Seven Oaks Academy, we offer students lessons and employ complementary activities that maximize student outcomes.

Since SSA encourages children’s interest in professions in science, health, mathematics, and engineering, children under this program will also be guided in the steps that lead them to be academically ready to pick out their major in high school and courses in college. With this, parents and students will have a clearer idea of pursuing professions that specialize in the topics involved in this program.

We also offer reviews and refreshers to reinforce the retention of knowledge that they have garnered in our lessons. We incorporate learning activities and critical thinking lessons to help them improve their organizational and thinking ability. These may be serious topics, but we organize lessons in interesting ways to keep our students curious and interested in learning more. We also update parents on their children’s progress.

As a school that promotes our students’ physical, cognitive, emotional, and social health, we balance our classes with activities. And with the digital platform, students and teachers have many options regarding the tools they can use that promote a variety in the way students learn.


We at Seven Oaks Academy are excited to be with you! Enroll with us today or contact us to learn more.