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We provide your little ones with the basic knowledge they need for the future.

During childhood, having quality education will prepare them for school readiness and academic success. Enrolling them in a pre-k program, for instance, will enable them to learn skills in literacy, math, science, and more. They are also exposed to various activities that will help boost their self-esteem, creative thinking, and social and emotional well-being.

Even as little ones, your children already have their own little dreams they want to pursue. And the education they acquire from their early years plays a big part in their success. Here at Seven Oaks Academy, we provide Georgia’s Pre-K (GA Pre-K) program to all four-year-old kids. This program offers full virtual learning for your children.

What Will Children Get from a Pre-K Program?

Pre-k is a good option for many families. Not only does it provide childcare, but it also offers age-appropriate and well-structured programs that are appropriate for children. Some advantages include:

Studies have shown that pre-k programs provide long-term benefits, such as:

  • Children who receive pre-k education are likely to have increased chances of academic success in the next stages of education.
  • Children can perform at consistent proficient levels in school.
  • It offers a regular routine targeted to help children flourish. It can also help them transition smoothly to formal schooling in the later years.
  • It develops important skills such as peer interaction, productivity, and efficiency.
  • It is safe. Providing services to children requires more supervision and responsibility. Thus, educators strive to guide each child thoroughly throughout the program.


The main aim of Georgia’s Pre-K is to prepare the child for the next years of their education. School readiness is defined within the context of family and their way of living.

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