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The first steps to development and growth.
  • infant sitting inside a basket

    This classroom is designed and set up for children 6 weeks to 12 months of age and is designed to build a strong foundation. Our infant room is spacious, colorful and designed to be stimulating. Pictures, books, and age-appropriate toys are used to promote hand-eye coordination brain development, and fine motor development. Based on the latest early brain development research, the curriculum in our class offers easy-to-use activities emphasizing all developmental domains (language, cognitive, physical, social and emotional, approaches toward learning) for both child and parent satisfaction.

  • Coming Spring 2020 – Watch Me Grow Transparency

    3d rendering security camera or cctv camera on ceiling

    “Watch Me Grow” Transparency

    We have security webcam systems installed in every classroom, playground area, and entrance. Utilizing our “Watch Me Grow” application, enables parents and guardians to take a virtual “peek” within the classroom at their convenience.

    Photo of an adorable baby and the doctor

    Highly-Competent & Compassionate Staff

    All the compassion, hugs, and one-on-one care and attention provided by our highly-competent and compassionate staff, makes our infant care program the safe nurturing environment your young one needs to thrive on to. The core values in our Infant Program are love and kindness, every day.

    First steps of the boy in a baby walker

    Exercise & Music

    All infants and toddlers are provided with daily exercise and music. All classes are conducted by infant and toddler specialists, making each lesson age-appropriate to maximize their benefit and enjoyment. Research states that babies can respond intuitively to music. This also enables them to concentrate and learn more quickly, presenting advanced verbal skills, literacy, and coordination.

    Infants boy and girl play with balloon

    Progress Reports and Lesson Plans

    Our daily reports and records will keep you updated about your kid’s emotional, physical and educational development. Our structured infant curriculum provides weekly lesson plans to secure a well-rounded foundation for efficient brain development.

    A little girl having fun playing with a telephone on her letter carpet.

    Activities & Special Toys

    Here at Seven Oaks Academy, childcare centers involve educational and developmentally- appropriate toys and activities made to promote learning in a creative and enjoyable environment. This will expand their imagination and improve their physical health in fun and interactive ways.