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Our Toddler Experience Provides Unmatched Brain Development Because We Combine Only The Best Parts Of the Frogstreet Curriculum and Play Based Methods.

Our toddler experience provides unmatched brain development because we combine only the best parts of the frog street curriculum and play-based methods.

We offer a separate classroom for children ages 12 –24 months. Our classroom is spacious, bright, and cheerful and equipped with decor, age-appropriate toys and books to aid in the children’s development as they learn and grow.

Exposure To Science And Plenty Of Hugs & Giggles Too

Our curriculum stimulates the toddler mind. We use interactive, hands-on projects within a structured learning plan. Every child develops at a different rate, and we ensure plenty of personalized attention to maximize their personal growth. We adopt age-appropriate activities that are fun and that children can follow. With children this age, we understand that a lot of their modes of learning are acquired through sensory stimulation. Thus, we incorporate sensory learning with play to help children enjoy while learning.

We use puzzles and challenges to encourage problem-solving and have a dynamic discovery approach for science, math, language, drama, music, art, and more! Oh, and they sure do get an abundance of hugs, and we get into a whole lot of giggling too.

Making Use of Stories and Songs

Enjoyable stories accompanied by an array of silly, fun songs will help your toddler’s imagination continue to foster while he learns the core skills needed for the next developmental level.

Building Their Fine and Gross Motor Skills

We know that an active body is a healthy body, so whether your children are walking, running, reaching, or tossing, they will learn all about their body and celebrate their accomplishments, both great and small.

Critical Social Skills

As children enter the world of toddlerhood, their awareness of the world grows. We acknowledge the importance of friendship and cultivating harmonious relationships with teachers and peers. Your toddler will learn healthy interactions with those individuals around them, regardless of differences in nationality, religious belief, or cultural norms.

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